Plastifikation von GlasIncrease the quality and safety of your glass packaging by plastification and printing. An original and informative finish that can be specially adapted to your wishes and needs.

In short: an ideal solution!

A glass bottle with plastification retains the internal quality of the glass, making it the most common packaging material for pharmaceutical products. In addition, the glass is protected from mechanical shocks by the plastification. According to the regulation 75/324/EWG, glass bottles must be coated with aerosols with plastic. Another advantage of plastification is that your pharmaceutical packaging will stand out more and make the packaging more attractive.

Plastification involves coating a glass bottle with a thin protective layer of plastic consisting of 60% PVC. During this process, the bottles are held correctly by means of the special holders formed on the inside of the neck. They are then preheated to just over 400 °C and immersed in a PVC bath. After the bath, they are turned directly and placed in an oven heated to 250 °C, where the coating is allowed to set.


Round bottles are heated again and printed in a screen printing machine - depending on the customer's wishes - with 1 to 3 colours. After drying, these are then carefully packed in crimp foil or cardboard boxes.

The coating of bottles with plastic provides an attractive and innovative presentation and is particularly suitable for special bottles. Plastification is possible on all bottles of any shape and size. It also offers a wide range of possibilities for processing and labelling. The plastic layer gives the bottle a slight tint, provides further protection and adds a valuable personal touch. The plastic layer can be finished with UV ink using a special screen printing machine. In this way, the bottles can be provided with special prints such as decorations, logos, instructions for use and legal notices. Labels and printed crimping tubes can also be applied to the bottles with plastic coating.

Because of the rapidly increasing demand for generic over-the-counter drugs and medicines, this technique offers a lot of marketing opportunities for new products such as syrups or medicines for children.

And when it comes to decoration, there are also a number of options for colors and coatings:

  • bright or

  • glossy or matt

  • Transparency (Frosted)

Other options are possible, but can always only be implemented after confirmation through testing.

Source: APG Europe GmbH


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