TopLyo® Vials

Lyophilization is an essential process in the biopharmaceutical industry that accelerates a drug's time to market and increases shelf life stability. However, lyophilization can lead to fogging of the glass container, which can cause problems during the crucial testing phase of drug manufacturing.

SCHOTT TopLyo® vials feature a chemically uniform hydrophobic coating that results in less fogging during the lyophilization process as well as less destruction of the lyo cake. This improves the efficiency of automated inspection and leads to higher patient safety. In addition, TopLyo® offers reduced residual drug volumes and higher dosing accuracy after reconstitution.


SCHOTT TopLyo® Vials are also available in sterile and ready-to-use RTU versions. If you have any questions please contact us.


  • Chemically uniform: (Si-O-C-H hydrophobic coating)

  • Layer thickness: ~ 40 nm

  • Non-porous, covalent bond between glass matrix and coating

  • Processability similar to uncoated type I glass vials

  • Cost reduction due to reduced overfilling - with lower residual volume

  • Reduced glass breakage due to refined geometry

  • Elimination of lyo-cake disruption and sidewall fitting for improved automated inspection

  • Lyocake stability during transport

  • Reduction of protein aggregation compared to siliconized glass vials

2R, 6R, 10R, 20R, 30R and 50R ISO formats. Customer-specific adaptations are possible on request.

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