B2 coating


B2 coating, developed by Daikyo Seiko, Ltd, is a cross-linked blend of high and low molecular weight silicone oils that are cured by UV rays and heat. Because it is a spray coating, the B2 coating can be applied at different levels on the bottom and top of the rubber stoppers. Possible coating configurations are: B2-40, B2-42, B2-44, B2-TR or B2-4TR.

  • a reduction in the amount of extracted silicone oil, especially at higher pH values.
  • lower particle content compared to conventional silicone oil.
  • with the growth of protein-based and large-molecule drug products, silicone oil sensitivities are increasingly occurring.
  • B2-Coating is an alternative to conventional silicone oil and can reduce the amount of protein aggregation due to silicone.
  • B2-Coating in combination with FluroTec® applied to the stopper, facilitates the insertion of the stopper into the vial during freeze-drying.


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