West FluroTec® barrier films protect medications by providing a barrier that minimizes interaction between the drug and the closure while maintaining the integrity of the container closure. In addition, the fluoropolymer film reduces absorption of the drug product, an important benefit to the so-called shelf life of most drugs. The West FluroTec® film is applied during the molding process and is compatible with complex shaped closures typically required for dry powder and lyophilized applications.


FluroTec ® components are:  

  • Produced globally
  • Created during the molding process to conform with complex-shaped closures
  • Available in a wide range of designs of stoppers and plungers

FluroTec ® components can:

  • Protect sensitive drugs
  • Improve the shelf life a packaged drug
  • Reduce visible and subvisible particulates
  • Improve compatibility of the closure and the drug


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