The highest standards in risk mitigation

West Pharmaceutical Services' premium NovaPure® brand offers the most stringent particle specifications available for West elastomer products. NovaPure® components combine the protection (barrier properties) of West FluroTec®, the automated visual inspection of West Envision™ and the fundamentals of Quality by Design (QbD) principles. The result is a consistent product that has demonstrated its ability to meet the challenges of today's sensitive and high value biologics, as well as small molecules.

NovaPure® components are available in a range of well-known global designs, chosen for their proven machinability and functionality. Data acquisition, statistical analysis and knowledge management are an integral part of the NovaPure® quality process.

NovaPure® components can be supplied sterilisable or sterile (ready to use) as required. To learn more about our sterile small quantity offerings, you can also take advantage of the West Ready Pack® brand offering.

  • Extractables test from batch to batch
  • Most stringent particle specification from West
  • FluroTec® barrier film
  • West Envision™ automated visual inspection
  • Quality by Design (QbD) manufacturing / inspection specifications.


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