Framework contracts / call-off orders

Framework contracts / call-off orders


Whether you are a small/medium/large pharmaceutical company, a C(D)MO [Contract (Development) Manufacturing Organization], a biotechnology company, regulatory holder, or a university / institute or similar, there are always challenges with short-term availability of primary and secondary packaging.

You may already be purchasing your required products (e.g., due to regulatory approvals, etc.) directly from one of the leading manufacturers of rubber stoppers, aluminum caps, or glass bottles made of smelted / tubular glass. Then one could assume that there is no need for an alternative to a direct business with the manufacturer. However, there are some critical points to consider:

  • Long delivery times of up to 12 months for certain articles

  • Different delivery times due to different manufacturers

  • Obligatory minimum production quantities to be purchased in 1 delivery

  • Annual price negotiations

  • High capital commitment

  • High space requirement in storage → among other things, less capacity available for necessary raw materials

Some of you may be planning to build a warehouse due to these circumstances or have already done so. However, the costs for warehousing, picking, logistics, personnel, etc. are not insignificant. Key figures can quickly skyrocket.


With us you have the possibility to agree on so called framework contracts:

  • The delivery times for your required products are reduced to max. 1 week from the 2nd delivery at the latest or according to customer requirements → You can produce "just in time" .

  • We pick your goods in our GDP compliant warehouse to enable a short term delivery of all, for the production of your goods, required packaging materials.

  • Direct shipping from the manufacturers' production facilities to your desired address within Europe is also possible upon request.

  • The minimum production quantities of the manufacturers can be divided into several partial deliveries / call-offs (quantity specifications by the customer).

  • The maximum term of the contracts is only limited by the so-called shelf life of the products you use.

  • You benefit from lower capital commitment due to several partial deliveries / call-offs → Only the partial deliveries are invoiced in each case.

  • 100% transparency: All original manufacturer documents (batch certificates, documentation, specifications, drawings, etc.) are transmitted to our customers for each transaction.

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