The clear solution

Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Vials, made from Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP), provide a high quality solution to glass incompatibilities and can withstand low temperatures in cold storage while reducing the risk of glass breakage. It is an integrated lifecycle solution designed to maintain drug safety, purity and efficacy. Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Vials are available in both non-sterile (RS) and sterile (RU) versions.


  • Sterile, Ready-To-Use (RU)

  • Well-suited to Biotechnology, Cell & Gene Therapy and Radiopharmaceutical Applications

  • Provide Safe Containment for Cold and Cryogenic Storage

  • Very Low Particle Levels

  • Break Resistance – Prevent Breakage during Transport, Storage and End-User Handling

  • Eliminate the Risk of Delamination - Compatible with High and Low pH Products

  • Low Protein and Peptide Adsorption

  • 100% Camera Vision Inspected

  • Available with Light-Protection for Light-Sensitive Drugs (25 mL P3)

Nominal Capacity Dimensions (D x H) Neck finish Ø Vials per tray MOQ
2 ml 14,75 x 32,00 mm 13 mm 480 pcs 1.920 pcs
5 ml 22,00 x 38,50 mm 20 mm 224 pcs 896 pcs
10 ml 24,00 x 52,20 mm 20 mm 168 pcs 672 pcs
25 ml 30,00 x 65,00 mm 20 mm 120 pcs 480 pcs
50 ml 40,00 x 75,00 mm 20 mm 56 pcs 224 pcs
100 ml 46,50 x 102,00 mm 20 mm 56 pcs 126 pcs

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