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The West MixJect® reconstitution system enables safe, fast and easy preparation of lyophilized drugs. The system is a single unit for reconstituting a powder drug with a syringe pre-filled with a diluent. After reconstitution, the drug is available for immediate injection with a previously attached needle.

  • Pre-assembled with a standard or safety needle

  • Standard for all vials, syringes, needles and luer lock connections

  • Lyophilized drugs supplied with pre-filled dilution syringes.

  • Self-administration of drugs for multiple therapeutic areas.


The MixJect® Transfer Device is 510(k) cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and bears the CE Mark (0344). The products are displayed for informational purposes only and may not be approved for marketing in certain regions. Distribution and use are subject to applicable regulatory approvals and requirements for medical devices. The MixJect® Transfer Device is configurable and may not be suitable for use with all medications. Refer to the drug manufacturer's labeling and instructions for use for device configuration compatibility. The device may contain a pre-assembled needle containing cobalt. Pain, irritation, discomfort, bruising and/or erythema at the injection site may occur. Failure to follow the product instructions for use may result in compromised sterility, contamination, leakage (including possible drug exposure) and/or inadequate drug reconstitution, transfer, and/or dosage. Improper use of the product could potentially result in needlestick injuries, exposure of the user and/or patient to pathogens or infections, and/or suboptimal or delayed therapy.

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