SGD Pharma introduces Clareo, the new premium range of injection bottles made of type 2 clear glass for the administration of parenterals.

SGD Pharma's injection bottles have both uniform wall thickness and high cosmetic quality, making them unique among type 2 clear glass bottles in the market. The new range has similar technical characteristics to the clear glass bottles in the existing range. Thus, they can directly replace them without any regulatory changes. Once again, SGD Pharma demonstrates its expertise in the control and manufacturing process of clear glass bottles with Clareo.

SGD Pharma's mission as one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass containers for pharmaceutical primary packaging is to improve and protect patient health by providing high quality, reliable and innovative glass primary packaging to its customers in the pharmaceutical industry. We consider it our obligation to continuously improve the safety of our products and drive innovation by constantly optimizing the physical, chemical and cosmetic properties of our various glass types.

Improved mechanical resistance, significant reduction in breakage rate and optimised controllability.

The mechanical impact resistance of Clareo injection bottles has been significantly improved by a more homogeneous distribution of the glass (+15pts compared to the standard process). The increased uniformity allows a decisive reduction of the breakage rate (up to 10 times lower).

As the bottom of the Clareo injection bottles is flatter and more uniform, heat transfer during the freeze-drying process is improved.

Clareo injection bottles also have a high cosmetic grade, which allows for better controllability before and during filling. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies benefit from this advantage as it results in lower total cost of ownership, especially for higher value products.

In addition, customers looking for a more cost-effective alternative when switching from Type 1 to Type 2 glass now have a more affordable solution with Clareo. SGD Pharma can share a listing of molecules for which Type 2 glass has been approved by regulatory authorities.

Currently SGD Pharma is the only manufacturer able to supply injection vials for parenterals in Type 2 clear glass, offering the benefits of transparency and strength.

Clareo is available in 20, 50 and 100 ml type 2 glass bottles. Further developments are currently being worked on. Clareo is also available as Type 3 glass on request.

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