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The sterile alternative to aluminum caps

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PLASCAP® is a plastic cap for vials with a pre-assembled, customized rubber stopper. PLASCAP technology enables one-step capping after filling. It is a next-generation integrated cap/stopper system for vials that replaces aluminum caps. PLASCAP® was born out of the difficult challenge of eliminating all metals from medical product packaging. Instead of using aluminum caps, which can create abrasion during the manufacturing process, PLASCAP® is made of a unique plastic material that can be disposed of through incineration. By combining the cap with a rubber stopper, Daikyo has also made it possible to perform the filling and capping process in one step.

  • Radiation sterilized

  • Manufactured in ISO 7 clean room

  • Crimping of the seal is no longer necessary

  • No risk of damage to the gloves from aluminum parts

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