Injection Stoppers


Injection stoppers / serum stoppers from Datwyler Pharma Packaging are high-quality primary packaging solutions. The injection stoppers are manufactured in accordance with the applicable GMP guidelines (DIN EN ISO 15378) under defined and certified process conditions. The rubber stoppers are available in diameters of 13 mm and 20 mm in Datwyler compounds FM140 (chlorobutyl), FM257, FM259 or FM457 (bromobutyl), among others. Also available are rubber stoppers with OmniFlex™-spray coating or UltraShield™-barrier film.


For other Datwyler compounds and stopper designs please contact us.

Ø: Design: Compound: Coating: Finishing: Color:
13 mm V9024 FM457/0   ISAF1 grey
  V9239 FM259/0 OmniFlex™ Plus FLCO grey
  V9401 FM457/0 OmniFlex™ 3G FLCO grey
20 mm V9025 FM140/1   ISAF1 red
  V9025 FM157/1   ISAF1 grey
  V9025 FM157/1   ISAF1 grey
  V9025 FM157/1   RTU grey
  V9025 FM157/3   SAF1 red
  V9025 FM157/3   ISAF1 red
  V9025 FM157/3   RTU red
  V9025 FM240/2   ISAF1 grey
  V9025 FM257/1   ISAF1 red
  V9025 FM257/2   ISAF1 grey
  V9025 FM457/0   SAF1 grey
  V9025 FM457/0   ISAF1 grey
  V9034 FM140/1   ISAF1 red
  V9034 FM157/3   ISAF1 red
  V9034 FM457/3   ISAF1 grey
  V9048 FM157/3   ISAF1 red
  V9048 FM257/2   ISAF1 grey
  V9048 FM259/0 OmniFlex™ Plus FLCO grey
  V9150 FM257/2   ISAF1 grey
  V9261 FM140/0   ISAF1 grey
  V9407 FM457/0 OmniFlex™ 3G FLCO grey

Drawings / data sheets of the stopper designs and rubber formulations or other helpful specifications and documentation are available on request.

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