Pilferproof closures

Aluminum roll-on closure with retaining ring, center tear-off, hole punching or gasket insert.
Available in sizes: PP18, PP22, PP28, PP31.5

For all ingredients without internal pressure, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, spirits (also high-proof) as well as oils and syrups. The closures are made of deep-drawable special aluminum painted on both sides. Depending on customer requirements, they are available in gold, silver, colored and printed. A sealing insert made of foamed polyethylene, unlaminated, can be inserted. This is food safe and free of PVC and PVDC. Other inserts and laminations are possible.

PP28S closures 2819 special height gold/neutral without sealing insert
PP28S closures gold , hole 15 mm
PP28S closures gold M round center break,autoclavable
PP28S Closures gold with inserted EPE 400 inlay white
PP28S closures silver M round center tear,autoclavable
PP28S closures sillber with inserted SARANEX EPE 250 sealing insert white
PP31,5S closures gold-deckl. EPE 400 Inlay white,
PP31,5S closures white with EPE 400 Inlay

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