SGD Syrup / Veral bottles

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SGD syrup / veral bottles are high-quality primary packaging solutions for enteral administration. The bottles are of the highest quality and are manufactured in accordance with the applicable GMP guidelines (DIN EN ISO 15378) under defined and certified process conditions. The bottles are available in clear or amber moulded glass of hydrolytic class 3 with a volume of 30 ml - 1000 ml. The bottles have a PP28 neck finish.

3 syrup bottles in clear and brown next to each other

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Content Clear glass Amber glass Type 3 Thread
30 ml X X X PP 28
60 ml X X X PP 28
100 ml X X X PP 28
150 ml   X X PP 28
200 ml   X X PP 28
250 ml X X X PP 28
500 ml   X X PP 28
1000 ml   X X PP 28

Further bottle sizes, as well as drawings / glass specifications or other helpful documentation are available on request.

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Many screw caps in different colors in a pile

Lots of gray rubber stoppers in a heap

2 aluminum caps with threads in silver and gold next to each other

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