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4 syringe plungers next to each otherWest Plungers are the first choice for protecting drugs in pre-filled syringes from contamination by providing an effective barrier that minimizes interaction between the drug and the closure while maintaining the integrity of the container closure. Plungers are available in 0.5 ml, 1 ml, 1 - 3 ml and 5 ml sizes.


NovaPure® Plungers are manufactured from West's most advanced, industry-leading elastomer formulations with FluroTec® barrier film to minimize drug compatibility issues. From start to finish, NovaPure® plungers have been designed and manufactured using Quality by Design principles to reduce patient risk.

To meet the increasing market demands for prefillable syringes, West NovaPure® Plungers are manufactured from an established elastomeric formulation. This material has been proven to have optimal physical properties from filling through storage to final use by the patient or caregiver. Exceptional cleanliness and FluroTec® barrier film properties help ensure superior drug tolerance and protection.

NovaPure® Features:

  • Available in 1 ml long plunger and 1-3 ml.

  • Design criteria to optimize breakage and extrusion

  • Industry leading specifications including extractables verification

  • 100% Vision Control

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The fluoropolymer film prevents absorption and adsorption of the drug, an important advantage for maintaining the efficacy and shelf life of most drugs.

Advantages of West FluroTec® Plunger / Piston Stopper:

  • Improve the shelf life of a packaged drug product

  • Reduce visible and invisible particles

  • Improve the compatibility of the closure and the drug product

Flurotec Plunger - Table


Particle contamination has become a hotly debated quality issue. As a result, the regulatory burden of particle-free manufacturing (freedom from visible particle contamination) and the absence of foreign particles and chemical or physical contaminants has become a challenge for the industry. To meet these ever-increasing quality demands, Daikyo has developed Daikyo D Sigma®-Plunger, a high-quality plunger for glass syringes.

Packaging options for the 1 ml Long Daikyo D Sigma® Plunger
Rubber formulation: D 21-7H grey - Daikyo Flurotec® + RB2-40

Table from Daikyo D Sigma Plungers

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