Packaging quality, speed and simplicity for generic customers

The AccelTRA™ component program offers market-leading lead times and a single, next-generation formulation for rubber stoppers that helps customers stay competitive. The AccelTRA™ program can help generic manufacturers meet rising quality standards, ensure rapid response to market fluctuations and get products to market quickly.

  • Meets global compendia

  • Industry leading profile for extractables and leachables

  • Functional performance

  • Optimized delivery times

  • One week for test and validation quantities

  • Consistent delivery times for commercial requirements

  • Global network for supply chain manufacturing

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Single next generation formulation PH 4031/45

  • 13 & 20 mm

  • Serum and lyo plugs

  • Westar® RS & RU certified

  • Global availability

With strong background information, you can minimize risk, reduce testing, and get to market faster.

The West Extractables Data Manual helps you determine the compatibility of off-patent drugs with extractables data specific to 4031/45.

In addition, West Technical Support monitors patent expiration and proactively recommends formulation compatibility.

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