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Westar® RS components are available in a variety of formulations, designs and packaging options. Components are washed using the validated Westar® washing process to provide customers with consistently prepared, sterilizable products. The Westar® RS Rubber stoppers / Plunger components comply with applicable United States and European Pharmacopeia compendial standards.

Westar® components are created using a documented, validated process that helps companies meet current regulatory requirements. All product batches are tested and accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis as proof of compliance with specifications. The wash process is supported by a DMF submission in the USA and Canada.

Westar® Rubber stoppers / Plunger are packaged in plastic cartons and can be placed on plastic shipping pallets to minimize particle contamination and facilitate handling in a controlled environment.



Westar® RU (Ready-to-Use) is a validated sterilization process for the production of pharmaceutical components for direct introduction into the filling plant.

The validated steam sterilization process, Westar® RU, is applied after the Westar® RS washing process. The components of Westar® RU are designed to reduce the "Total Cost of Ownership" in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical components. Shifting risk and resource management to an external expert has direct and indirect benefits, which include optimized planning, reduced investment and maintenance costs, and a smaller footprint.

Westar® RU processes are supported by a DMF. Packaging options include sterilizable bags (STERILizableBAG ™).

Broschure West Westar RS RU

Broschure West Westar RS RU

Broschure West Westar RS RUBroschure West Westar RS RU

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